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Collector and District Election Officer’s Message -

This site has primarily been made to improve communication between the electors of Thane District and the Election Branch in  the Collector’s Office, Thane and the Election Branches of the Tahsil Offices in the District. It provides adequate and relevant information about the office of the District Election Officer, and the various activities conducted by the Election Branches in the Collectorate and Tahsil Offices in Thane District.

In the Delimitaion Exercise which was recently completed the number of Assembly Constituencies in Thane District has gone up to 24 from 13. The number of parliamentary constituencies have also increased to four from two.

I appeal to all the citizens of Thane District who are 18 years of age as on 1st January 2009 to enroll themselves as voters if they are not already enrolled.

There is a common perception that enrolment of names as voters is a cumbersome process. This website has been set up with primary aim to give relevant information to citizens regarding the election process. Various important forms are also available on the site for download purposes. It also aims to make the election process easier to understand and increase citizen participation in the election process

While the main concern of the citizen is how to enroll his name in the electors list, the lack of information about how to go about this process is the main hurdle for the citizen. This website aims to remove that hurdle.

Although every effort is made to make the website as citizen-friendly as possible, suggestions which will help us in improving website are always welcome.

Collector & District Election Officer




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